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I Design & BUILD Websites for people just like you.

Purpose driven Design




Being a small business doesn't mean you have to look like a small business. It's hard to focus your time and energy into your digital image, though, when you have more important and better things to do.
Like: finding customers, building stuff, playing awesome shows for your adoring fans and just running your business.

I created this small company to help people just like you take their business to the next level without having to learn what a <div> tag is, having to deal with troublesome DIY website builders or needing to deal with a shady big-time design firm.

I'm here to welcome you to the world of frustration-free graphic and web design so you have the time and resources to take over your market.


"Design without purpose is pointless"

- Unknown Patey

You work hard (and look great).
It's time your website did too.


It can be a daunting task, sometimes, to decide if you are ready to hire a professional graphic designer, or even if you NEED one right now or not.

"Do I really need a website?"
"What's wrong with the website I built myself?"
"Last time I hired a designer I paid too much and wasn't happy with the result."

These and more are all extremely common and valid questions and concerns. Let's make this easy and start with a simple question:

Do you already have a website and/or branding?



What our customers are saying

Excellent job on the website. It’s very clean and easy to maneuver. Thank you so much!
— Smart Mobile Techs
I have had numerous business relationships with web developers and found them to be arrogant, impatient and unreliable. Being in the design world for over 40 years I have seen my share of self- importance but for some reason tech people have taken this to another level. Having said all of this I was pleasantly surprised to finally find Cody of Patey Designs, who helped update my website and share his knowledge with me in a pleasant, patient and reliable way. I highly recommend his services to the businesses that have given up on their tech people.
— Ed Delegato