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A Huge Step Forward in Squarespace Commerce

Squarespace has long been making a name for itself as one of the premier website platforms on today’s market – and for good reason. They are, in our opinion, the king in terms of service, design, ease of use, and client training. But they also have been known to be lacking on the ecommerce side of things. Specifically membership, customer accounts, and gift cards. They lack so heavily in this department that most major websites that demand these functionalities are left with the decision to either build their website on Shopify instead, or build some sort of difficult to manage hybrid.

NO LONGER MY FRIENDS! (At least, not longer in the near future)

A giant step forward has been taken by Squarespace in the commerce department by their release of Customer Accounts and Gift Cards.

Customer Accounts

Customer Accounts allow your customers to create accounts with your store at checkout so they can securely save shipping addresses, payment methods, shopping carts, and order info! This is huge. This makes for a faster checkout experience for repeat customers, but more importantly, it allows you to build repeat sales and deeper relationships with your customers.

But here’s the beautiful thing…This is just one step closer to the much desired Membership possibility!!!!!! (Cross your fingers).

Some restrictions with Customer Accounts apply, like what template you’re using, the level of service you’re subscribed to with Squarespace, etc. Read more here to see those restrictions.

Gift Cards

Also new from Squarespace are digital gift cards! Customers can purchase these from your store and use them for future online purchases! They never expire and can be given as gifts.

This is great move by Squarespace, especially right before the holiday season, simply because gift cards have become so damn popular lately. 

For more information of Squarespace gift cards and how they work you can check out their FAQ here.


Squarespace continues to impress us here at Patey Designs and constantly reassures us in our decision to exclusively build our clients’ sites on this amazing and ever-expanding platform.

If you’re interested in having a new website built for you, need some tweaks to your current site, or any sort of design work done, just contact us HERE. We’d love to hear from you!



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