Quality fonts/typefaces can make or break a good design. And usually, the ones that came stock with your computer or design program are borderline sub-par. Currently, Design Cuts, has a special running on a bundle of 17 really nice fonts. Some script, some slab, some serif, some san-serif….really a nice curated package. 

This is one of the nicest font collections we’ve seen in awhile and includes the all basics you’d really need to set you, or your business, apart when doing some basic design work on your own. Breaking down to $1.71 per font, we already purchased the pack 🙂

The best part is, these top quality fonts come with a pretty sweet license agreement. You’re covered for commercial work and even saleable items that you make with your new typefaces. At 99% off retail price, it’s a no brainer deal.

Get designing!




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