Double Aught Ranch

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Double Aught Ranch is the official rename of Wrangler's Western Bar & Grill in Canby Oregon under the new ownership of Claude DaCorsi. 

Along with all of the things that come with a transfer of ownership and rebranding Double Aught Ranch hired us to create a new and improved image for the bar. This included: a new logo, hand-drawn graphic artwork, new business cards, new menus, and a fully modern, mobile responsive, website capable of displaying all of their live music events and selling both tickets and merchandise online. All with that small-town western feel.

If you're ever out in Canby and feel like listening to some live music, learning to line dance, enjoying some good food, or just need good atmosphere to relax and shoot some pool we highly recommend Double Aught Ranch.

View there website:



Complete custom Squarespace design from the ground up that included custom styling, full menu, events calendar, and online store.

Custom Squarespace website for Double Aught Ranch (formerly Wranglers) featuring large automatically transitioning background images.



Double Aught Ranch requested two logos: one for broader use across many platforms one graphic drawing logo.The Cowboy Skull is original digitized artwork drawn by Cody Patey.

Circular logo design meant to resemble the brass end of shotgun ammunition. "Double Aught Buckshot".
Digitally illustrated by hand this skull cowboy logo also serves as artwork for the bar.



Menus & Business cards designed for Double Aught Ranch.

Updated menu design with bold bright headlines and black background.
Newly designed menu back for Double Aught Ranch.
Business card designed for Double Aught Ranch by Patey Designs
Business card backs for Double Aught Ranch resemble old timey ticket stubs.