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Cardenas Motorsports is one of the few Mom and Pop motorsports repair shops left in the Portland area. The specialize in both repairs and customizations to all things street bike, dirt bike, ATV, everything in between, and even the occasional automobile. With a mind only for motors, and a really good mind for motors at that, owner Mike Cardenas partnered with us to transfer his old Wordpress-based website to a modern and responsive Squarespace platform complete with SEO and eCommerce capabilities. 

We threw in some nifty CSS and Javascript text effects just because Mike is a super nice guy to work with.

Cardenas Motorsports website redesign featuring mobile responsive design.
Services section of the website redesign prominently displays the range of services provided by Cardenas Motorsports at their shop.



On a whim we also redesigned Cardenas' current logo. While they really liked the modernized look, we decided that their current branding was so well ingrained around the racing community that it wasn't in their best interest to pursue a new design.

We also redesigned the logo for Cardenas Motorsports but they decided to stick with their old branding as it is currently recognized.

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