Kein Bock has become Patey Designs

This is a growing small business - and with growth comes change. Now that change comes in the form of our name.

I fondly and very excitedly talk about my family's history and heritage in the sign business. "I'm the fifth generation in my family to work on graphics," always makes my eyes light up when talking to clients and my passion comes out. I also seem to say it too. A lot.

I learned all of my fundamental skills in this industry from my family. I taught myself coding, the Adobe Creative Suite, and other modern techniques and technologies, but the basics I can only attribute to my parents and grandparents. The reason I still appreciated beautiful graphics, or picked apart not so beautiful graphics, or suggested changes to a logo just to myself when I took a brief hiatus from design is all because of my upbringing. I couldn't step away from it even when I had stepped away from it.

I'm proud of where my skills come from. With the old Patey Signs at 910 SE Hawthorne Street, Portland Oregon having closed in 1996 and my grandfather having retired the idea of myself carrying on the family tradition in a modern light, and paying homage to the old business, by adopting the name Patey Designs was an easy decision. 

I want to thank all of my current clients and all of my future clients in advance for understanding and supporting this change. 

Thank you,

Cody Patey
5th Generation Patey Designer.